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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Within the first three weeks of October alone, the website for the Macau Daily Times saw a total of nearly 21,000 unique visitors, who viewed an average of 3.5 pages per visit.
This breaks down to average around 1,000 visitors a day.
Looking at the statistics available over a period of four months, specifically, between July and October, 2008, there were a total of 78,263 unique visitors, amounting to 126,486 visits or 447,353 pages viewed.
Drilling further into day-specific visits, the statistics showed that Mondays garnered the most number of visitors, at an average of 6,300, with the United States bringing in the most viewers, at 26.8 percent.
Macau readers came in second, at 19.7 percent with the United Kingdom rounding out the top three, at 10.7 percent.
Fridays also brought a significant number of visitors, rating as the second-highest, at more than 5,900. This clearly shows that the implementation of our 'Good Times Guide' was successfully being received, with the visits accounting for approximately 17 percent of the overall visits recorded within a week.
Interestingly, the number of visitors over the weekend, of Saturday and Sunday, were also quite significant, amounting to more than 28 percent of the overall weekly visits. This figure could be attributed to the fact that local news is difficult to find on the weekend with the majority of publications tending to print on a five-day-per-week basis. It therefore signifies that greater attention must be given to these days to further solidify readers' preference for choosing MDTimes as their weekend reading choice.
As for the length of time visitors tended to stay at the MDTimes website, approximately 24 percent spent two minutes or more reading the contents of the site.
Admittedly, this is a figure that can be improved upon, and should do so, once the site increases its content through archives and the expansion of other sections of the site.
More importantly, a resounding 58 percent of visitors came either through by typing in the direct web address or as a means of bookmarking, reflecting a a significant proportion of visitors that revisited the site on a consistent basis.

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