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More food products found with melamine, M&M;’s taken off shelves PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The latest batch of the dairy product test results found that four more items had contained melamine but one of them was within safety standards of neighbouring regions.
According to the Heath Bureau (SSM), the tainted food products were 250ml carton of Mengniu Pure Milk with 6.66mg melamine per kilogram (produced on July 13, 2008); 227g of White Rabbit Creamy Candy with 24.7mg melamine per kilogram (expiry date of July 20, 2009); and Mr Brown Mandheling Coffee (15g x 12 packets) with melamine of 17.4mg per kilogram (expiry date on May 19, 2010).
Nestle Gold Baby Formula (1+) of 900 grams produced on November 4, 2007 was found to contain 1mg of melamine per kilogram which the SSM said was within the safety standards.
On the other hand, the SSM and Economic Services yesterday ordered a sales suspension of M&M's milk chocolate in Macau following the same product being found with the industrial chemical melamine in Indonesia.
However, earlier testing on the product by the SSM did not detect any trace of the chemical.
The local health authority will examine its sample again and at the same time contact the Macau sales agent of M&M's for information.


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