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Monday, 25 August 2008

Following the booming of integration of socio-economic activities within the Pearl River Delta, the communication and transportation between Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Macau has continued to improve.
In an attempt to increase cross border travel as well as the mutual benefit between the four cities, governors of each of the cities had their first meeting of the “Cross border information cooperation study: Zhuhai-Macau-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Technical Exchange Seminar” previously having agreed to establish a long-term co-operation and exchange system.
The exchange system not only augments the information exchange between each city, but also  takes an opportunity to create a further long term co-operation plan.
As a result, the Assembly decided to host its next meeting in October this year in Macau.
In 2007, the average number of passengers per day that commuted between Hong Kong and Shenzhen via land was 442,000. With regards to Zhuhai, the average number of commuters per day between Macau and Zhuhai was recorded at approximately 225,000 over the same period.
The surging number of passengers increased the demand of cross border facilities of passenger flow as well as vehicle flow, and therefore it was necessary for the governors of the four cities to conduct a regular inspection and discuss improvement measures.
With regards to the improvement measures, they intend to consult over the optimisation of the amenities, and provide a simplification of the customs checking and traffic management, in order to ease the crowds and traffic congestion as well as increase social and economic development.
Understanding of the characteristic and direction of the passenger and vehicle flows would be the principle foundation for the planning of cross border infrastructure, transportation facilities as well as tourism and logistics.
Meanwhile it will also be invaluable to forecast traffic density for the future.
The governors of the four cities therefore see the seminar as a platform to exchange experiences as well as launch the co-operation study of the cross border information exchange.
At the first meeting, each of the representatives briefly introduced each of their cities' cross border traffic data as well as sharing of their information classification and  storage. 
Macau government representatives who attended the meeting previously included chief of cabinet of the Office of the Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Francis Wong chun tong, as well as the members of the Traffic Bureau, Statistics and Census Bureau and Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau.

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