Seven nominating committees qualified for Assembly election
Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) said yesterday a nominating committee had submitted invalid voters' signatures to confirm its legal existence in order to run for the September 20 election.
The EAC said the nominating committee has been notified to hand in the missing amount of valid voters' signatures at or before 6pm on July 3.
In addition, seven nominating committees have been qualified by EAC to run for the direct seats of the Legislative Assembly.
According to the statement, one of the nominating committees which applied to confirm its legal existence last week had submitted a large number of invalid signatures and thus did not meet the statutory requirements for running for the Assembly election.
The electoral law states that a nominating committee must have to be formed by at least 300 or maximum 500 eligible voters.
The EAC said the nominating committee was made up of a large number of people who are not eligible to vote or whose signatures are different from the ones on their Macau Identity Cards.
In addition, the trustee of the nominating committee has his eligibility suspended as it was found that he is not a member of that nominating committee.
Meanwhile, the EAC also said that each voter is restricted to sign up for only one nominating committee and thus signatures appeared on more than one nominating committee's member list will not be counted.
On the other hand, as of 6pm yesterday, a total of 12 nominating committees wishing to run for the direct seats of the legislature and one nominating committee representing the labour sector and wishing to run for the indirectly elected seats had delivered their applications to confirm legal existence.
The Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau had completed verification on seven direct election nominating committees, which will then need to submit candidates lists and platforms on or before July 13.